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A wide range of Pilkington glass varieties


We offer a huge number of different types of glass so whatever your needs you can come to us with confidence.

We are a Pilkington Glass approved contractor. Pilkington Textured Glass is not only stylish, offering attractive patterns to use throughout the home, but offers five levels of privacy (from 1 least to 5 most) whilst allowing maximum light through.

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Pilkington Glass 5 levels of privacy from Roman Glass
Pilkington textured glass from Roman Glass
Pilkington Oriel Brocade, Laurel and Canterbury textured glass
Pilkington Arctic, Stippolyte, Flemish, Cotswold, Autumn and Sycamore textured glass

Safety is vital in the home and our trained staff will advise you on where different types and thicknesses of glass should be used. All types of Pilkington Textured Glass are available in 4mm thickness and toughened or laminated. A smaller range is available in 6mm glass.

Pilkington Everglade, Contora and Oak textured glass
Pilkington Taffeta, Pellerine and Chantilly textured glass

Pilkington offers 18 different textured glass designs - no one offers a wider choice. A number of well-established designs are still available for those requiring replacement glass. The premium range of Pilkington Oriel etched glass designs extends this choice even further.

Pilkington Charcoal Sticks, Digital and Florielle textured glass
Pilkington Mayflower, Minster and Warwick textured glass

Please enquire about any of these or other types of glass at your local branch or call 01225 337433 today.